About us

Research carried out in the European Union countries and in Lithuania, proved that the morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases is most closely associated with risk factors. Until now, the prevention of diseases in Lithuania and Klaipėda region was ineffective, and evidently it still remains one of the most relevant public health problems.
In order to fill the gap in medical service market by creating an efficient medical service system, according to the operating State of heart and vascular disease prevention program launched in 1998, an innovative preventive cardiology and rehabilitation clinic was developed. To speed up the developmental process of technical and intellectual base of the new company, a project, supported by EU subsidies for Economic and Social Cohesion Programme "Phare 2000" Business Development Fund, was prepared.

Cardiology and Rehabilitation Clinic is the first ambulatory health care facility of this kind in the region of Klaipėda. In our clinic patients receive qualified preventive cardiology and a modern, newly adapted, rehabilitation program in an outpatient setting. Today, Cardiology and Rehabilitation Clinic is proud of 8 years of experience in providing highly qualified cardiology, rehabilitation and other medical services.

Cardiology and Rehabilitation Clinic strives to provide the highest quality health care, is interested in innovation of medicine, thus is constantly investing in cutting-edge medical equipment, and looking for qualified professionals. Energetic team of doctors and modern medical equipment, aquired throughout 8 years of work, allows providing high quality, fast and convenient diagnostic and treatment services. By activelly participating in State cardiovascular disease prevention program, our clinic is contributing to improving the quality of medical service, and reducing mortality caused by cardiovascular disease in general. Cardiology and Rehabilitation Clinic aims to provide patients with an action program, designed to help the person regain mental, physical, and social functions, and to give people a chance of changing their lifes for the good, by helping them to adapt to changes in the functioning conditions of their bodies.

Sincerely, Cardiology and Rehabilitation Clinic team